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  • Trinity Shi

Plant Styling 101

Do you sometimes feel like a plant hoarder? You may have started with 5 plants but now have 20, 50, even 100+? Is your collection getting messy? Are you unsure of how to organize your plant babies and display them?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, this blog entry is for you! I've compiled a list of simple solutions to help style your plants so they can look their best!


Larger floor sized plants can look nice by themselves, but they can feel heavy if grouped together. Place pots in plant stands or pot stands to open up the floor. By leaving the floor open, your space will appear to be larger. I like these simple wood pot stands that can work with existing pots, or this mid-century style pot with stand set. Remember, if your pot doesn't have drainage, use it as a catch pot. If your pot has drainage, make sure to place a dish underneath.

Ikea has some great plant stand options, like the SATSUMAS stand. I also like bamboo shelves, which are readily available in multiple sizes and shapes.


This is one of my favorite ways to display trailing plants. Make sure you have a pot with drainage. I prefer a catch pot or tray underneath so the water doesn't drip out to the floor. Note: If your plant is heavy, you'll need to use a stud finder to find the studs in your ceiling or use an anchor to secure the screw.

I like to use these elephant hooks to hang plants because they are minimal, can swivel, and include an anchor. I use ready-made macrame hangers since I like the look, but there are many other options including pots with built-in hangers. If you need extra length, adding an adjustable chain can help. Hanging plants near windows will make them happy and also add some privacy - because nothing beats a curtain of plants!


It's boring to display plants that are all at similar heights. Staggering them when you style will create visual interest. Place taller plants in the back, and smaller plants in the front. Mix up the foliage - as long as the light and humidity requirements are similar, they can be placed together.


If you run out of floor space, consider using wall planters or installing wall shelves. These are great for trailing plants and collections of smaller plants. I like the Ikea SVALNAS shelf collection for the clean minimal look.

There are also wall planters such as the Wally Gro Eco Planter or wool planters, which are perfect for a green wall. You can plant directly into the wall planters, but I prefer to plant in nursery pots and placing them into the planters. This allows me to move the plants around with ease.


This is a trickier option that may not work for everyone. If you have a vining/trailing plant, consider letting them "climb" the wall. I use "climb" because they really can't do it naturally since most indoor walls are too smooth for them to grab on to. Therefore we need to help them along with these plant wall clips to hold the vines in place.


For more plant styling and design inspo, follow @cubehousejungle on instagram!



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