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Cube House Jungle's Enamel Pins


I designed these hard enamel pins based on some of my favorite plants! Available in my Etsy store!

Shop my affiliate links below for some of my favorite things:


Curated list of my favorite plant tools, remedies, and home decor items from Amazon!

URBAN STEMS - Looking to send flowers? Urban Stems has the most gorgeous and stylish arrangements for any occasion. Use my discount code: FLOWERHOUSE for 20% off your entire purchase!

SOLTECH SOLUTIONS Grow Lights - If you're looking for the best hanging grow lights, look no further! Use discount code: BRIGHT2023 for 15% off your purchase!

OSEA Malibu - My favorite California-made natural skincare products. I highly recommend the Undaria Algae Body Oil! Use code SUNNY for 10% off your purchase!

PARACHUTE HOME - My favorite bedding! I recommend their linen bedding collection and their robes! Shop my affiliate link!

BASEPAWS - Cat Breed + Health DNA Test! The top-rated and easiest cat DNA test on the market. Use code CATLOAF for $15 off any testing kit!

PELA CASE - Eco-friendly and biodegradable phone cases and accessories. I love using my Pela Case with matching Pela Grip! Use discount code: PELAJOY for 15% off your purchase!

LOMI - The home kitchen composter that takes care of your food waste! The compost it creates in just a few hours can be used for your houseplants!

TUFT & PAW - The most well-designed modern cat furniture that's made to last! Shop my affiliate link!

COOP - The best pillows you'll ever use! Adjustable, washable, and eco-friendly! I also designed monstera pillow covers for their limited edition set!

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